HILLSBORO: (503) 640-1996
WOODBURN: (503) 982-5511

About Us

We have two branches serving the Willamette Valley, one in Hillsboro and the other in Woodburn. We provide a full range of temporary workers, from construction and agricultural to landscaping, light industrial and clerical. Our objective is to fill 100% of our job orders. No matter the size of your business - large or small - we are completely committed to making sure your needs are met.

A few reasons we can be absolutely confident that you will be satisfied with our award winning services include:

  • We have I-9's on file for each worker.
  • We provide drug testing at the request of our client. (We are an Oregon licensed drug testing facility.)
  • Our temps are guaranteed.
  • We provide error free, easy to read weekly invoices.
  • Our software allows us to customize any report to meet your requirements.
  • Our services will exceed your expectations.